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The closure of Rolle College will result in a loss to the economy of Exmouth of approximately £4 million

Rolle College

Rolle Colle (half)I welcome the Exeter Deaf Academy coming to Exmouth. Everyone has supported the aim of having education either in the existing buildings or on this land.

As one of the people who went to Westminster with our MP, Mr Alexander and others in 2007 to reach our aim. Since 2007 many meetings have been held with Plymouth University and we now have a resolution and it has met our aim to have education on the site.  EDDC and Exmouth Town Council have been supporting all the efforts of REL as it now is with finance and advice, as did the many people who bought shares, including myself, to save it for the community. They did a very professional campaign.

The buildings have deteriorated during all this time. East Devon and Exmouth Town Council will work with the Deaf Academy to ensure it is a very good outcome for their students. I believe we as a Community will all welcome them to Exmouth. I have asked for a meeting with their Chairman of Trustees as Chairman of Exmouth Community College. REL has also arranged a meeting. I am sure many partnership arrangements with various groups and organisations will work with the Deaf Academy.