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My primary role is to look after the Halsdon Ward as an elected Conservative East Devon Councillor.

Keep up-to-date with all the news and views concerning matters within the Halsdon Ward

Halsdon Ward has over 5000 electors. Halsdon boundaries (approximately) are Exeter Road from Traffic Lights at Marine Way to south side of Courtlands Lane, South side of Summer Lane, Dinan Way to Jubilee Drive on West Side only Left side of Marpool Hill going up and includes the older houses in Ashleigh Road, the last road is Phear Avenue.

Exe Estuary Trail

Point in View Church

Phear Park

Carter Avenue Play Area

Other elected members of Halsdon Ward are Councillors:

Bernard Hughes County Councillor

Viv Duval Steer, Pauline Stott  fellow East Devon District Councillors

Viv Duval-Steer , Lynne Elson, Pauline Stott  and Richard Turner as Exmouth Town Councillors.

We all work as a team.

We need all your views and ideas. We are listening.

Affordbale Housing in Halsdon Avenue

IMG_20180528_09483118 ‘Affordable Homes’ are being built in Halsdon Avenue. Nominations will be from East Devon District council. They are being built by Liverty formerly Devon and Cornwall Housing Association.

These will be mixture of rented, shared ownership.

This development has cleared up the derelict Danby House/Warren View site.

Danby House/Exebank site

Work has begun by Devon and Cornwall Housing Association to transform Danby House and Exebank site into homes.

There will 18 homes for sale on the front of the site facing the Estuary similar to those along at Kingslake. A further 18 homes alongside the entrance to Warren View Playing Fields from Halsdon Avenue will be for rent/shared ownership/low cost sale. East Devon District council will nominate the families for these homes.

Danby House and Exebank

Danby House side 1Exebank front 1





East Devon District Council bought these buildings from Devon County Council after many meetings and requesting this happens. They have now been sold on to Devon and Cornwall Housing Association. Selling to DCH was because it has a private arm to raise the funds needed to make this a viable project. On the front of the land looking towards the Estuary will be Town Houses similar to those in Kingslake Rise. At the rear will be 13 houses some for rent, shared ownership or low cost sale. The plans have been viewed by many people at the Consultation by DCH at Exmouth Rugby Club on Wednesday 29th June 2016.

The final plans will be sent to EDDC for a planning decision. When that is done and all negotiations the buildings will be demolished before building will begin.

Dinan Way Extension

I welcome the decision by Devon County Council to support the extension to Dinan Way link to the A376. Many Halsdon residents during my time as the Councillor have been very concerned about the amount of traffic travelling through the ward from the northern parts of Exmouth. Mainly Hulham Road, Summer Lane, Littlemead Lane, Roundhouse Ave, Rivermead Avenue, Featherbed Lane and several others through Rivermead Estate. Hopefully the HGV’s that have to use Gipsy Lane/Marpool Hill will be able to use this link road which will be a welcome improvement for safety of children going to Withycombe Primary and Exmouth Community College.

We have been waiting a very long time – over 20 years for this link road. It will also mean a safer Summer Lane as it will then become single track. We all understand the issues of the A376 and the congestion at peak times. To improve the A376 is a very major undertaking and may involve the Clyst St Mary junction/Sandygate and turning by the George and Dragon on through Topsham.


Thanks to the residents of Halsdon Ward for re-electing me onto East Devon District Council for another term. I will represent all the residents of Halsdon Ward and Exmouth.

Thank youSignature

New Cycle Track to join Estuary Trail

A new cycle track is to be created from Exeter Road from slightly above Rivermead Avenue with a Toucan Crossing. It will go across Lower Halsdon Farm to join the Estuary Trail. It is being done by Devon County Council and the bus stop will be moved to opposite the Sylvan Court. It will be on the Exmouth Town Council planning Committee on Monday 23rd February. Plans can be seen in the Town Hall.

Exmouth Halsdon Survey

Thank you to all those who replied to the recent survey distributed within Halsdon Ward.

Your comments are welcome.

Many people are very concerned about the amount of weeds on the highways. This is a County Council matter and your concerns have been passed onto our County Councillor – Bernard Hughes.

The comments on the refuse collection have been sent on to EDDC as the service is now under review as it has to be retendered during 2015. Garden Waste is not mandatory and would have to be a paid service. The ‘Otter Rotters’ as advertised on the recent holiday delivery schedule are supposed to do this but I have received many complaints that they are not doing so. I will take this up after the ‘holiday.

The new housing being built on the Exeter Road rear of Littlemead was ‘objected to’ by all the Conservative Councillors. There was a site inspection after we attended an EDDC  Development Management meeting. We were all surprised to discover that Devon County Council had changed its policy on accesses onto Exeter Road. These had always been refused to our knowledge since 1979. There has to be installed a ‘right turn’ lane from Exmouth into the development.

Dinan Way is now in the Devon County Council ‘plan’ and there will be survey work undertaken during the coming year. DCC wish it to be built by developer contributions.

East Devon Housing department is trying to help organisations provide help for our elderly residents. EDDC is reviewing the ‘Home Alarm’ service after Devon County Council withdrew £500,000 towards its costs. EDDC is consulting all its tenants in ‘sheltered aJuly 2014 - Halsdon Ave 2ccommodation’ on a new model to ensure they still have the service and feel safe. East Devon DC is working with a group of people who have relocated from Langdon House to provide lunches and activities for older people with Morgan Court Community Room. Social and personal Care is the responsibility of Devon County Council.

East Devon District Council is buying homes, built homes and is working closely with housing associations to provide homes for affordable rent. 18 flats will open in Fore Street, Exmouth during 2015. The housing register has now reduced to 2860 households by working very closely with those who are in difficulty. EDDC is trying to prevent homelessness and this policy has been successful as it has reduced the number of days in Temporary Accommodation to 6 nights.

Wardens – Mobile Support Officers

July 2014 - Halsdon Ave 2Mobile Support Officers and the EDDC Home Safeguard System.

Devon County Council has decided to withdraw the monies paid to EDDC for the Mobile Support Officers who visit our residents living in EDDC Sheltered Housing and those who are self funders.

East Devon District Council is NOT going to withdraw the service but look at 3 options to continue to support our customers. Every customer has been sent a letter to explain the situation. Every customer will be visited by our Mobile Support Officers to make an assessment of their needs – required to meet the Devon County Council criteria, ensure every one is receiving the correct benefits and to help them with the personal budget arrangements about to be introduced. It will be very wise for these people to have a relative or trusted friend to be with them to ensure the details are correct and to help them when the decision is made.

Nothing will happen before April next year when we hope to begin a the new scheme. All customers will be kept informed but do not hesitate to ask. EDDC are here to help.

Danby House and Exebank

Danby House

Danby House

The Exmouth Journal reported that Devon County Council has decided to declare these properties surplus to requirement. Jill Elson, as one of the elected EDDC Councillors, has been in touch with Devon County Council leader to gain assurances that discussions will take place with East Devon District Council who not only own the bungalows on an adjacent piece of land but also has a responsibility to its tenants who feel ‘in limbo’ . Jill Elson, Pauline Stott and Viv Duval Steer were dismayed that they were not informed first before it appeared in the press.

Jill Elson as the EDDC Cabinet Member responsible for Housing has been talked to Hugo Swire MP and EDDC officers to ensure all the Tenants are looked after and will be keep informed.




Devon County Council is reviewing all its residential and day care provision for older people. These are now out for consultation. Please make your comments to Devon County Council. The details are available ‘on the web’ Devon County Council.

They wish to provide new opportunities for people living in their own homes. It is intended to give them more choice through personal budgets and the people ‘buy’ the care, outings or day care they wish. I believe there is role for relatives, trustworthy friends to help many elderly people, who find all this very confusing but know what they would like. This provision is not new as it is being used by the learning and physically disabled.

Respite care is available for hours or days but seems to be limited for week long respite. I believe it is important to look after carers because if they fall ill then their loved ones will have to be moved into residential care for a longer length of time depending on their carer getting well.