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Exmouth Hospital

Exmouth Hospital

I am a member of the WEB Consortium Board and Reference Group.

Several months ago I was assured that Exmouth Hospital would become an URGENT CARE CENTRE under the Transformation programme, when other Community Hospitals were closing. I have been working with the Budleigh Salterton Hospital League of Friends and the Exmouth Hospital League of Friends to create a WELL BEING HUB at the former Budleigh Salterton Hospital to provide transport to the HUB. As a partnership we were successful in winning a grant from the ‘Parishes Together Fund’ of £21,500 to purchase a new Tail Lift minibus, known as the HUB bus, to be managed by the Exmouth and District Transport Group.

I am dismayed to learn that the New Devon CCG has awarded an ‘out of hours’ GP service contract to Devon Docs, when it included the fact that Exmouth would NOT have a Treatment Centre. Exmouth is the largest Town in Devon, with many vulnerable adults and children amongst its residents. To ask them to travel to Exeter I feel is not acceptable. My concern is cost, length of time it will take, Exeter is very busy with quite a lot of waiting and at times very difficult for many. I do not consider this as cost effective as Exmouth was well used by people living within the WEB area and outside. We also have the fact that our population doubles in size during the summer. Is this the start of saying we will NOT have the URGENT CARE centre or will the CCG wish to close our hospital as well ?

Many people wish to have care at home and many are doing very well. We need to have in place sufficient personal carers, District Nurses and be able to make sure adaptations can be made to their homes to allow them to live independently – wet rooms, hand rails, ramps, lifts, etc. Exmouth has many charities making a very valuable contribution to peoples’ health and well being. An example is Exmouth and Lympstone Hospiscare and Budleigh Salterton and District Hospiscare are independent charities that rely on donations, fundraising, legacies as they receive NO MONEY from the NHS.

Due to the overspend by many millions of the New Devon CCG, we now have in place a Success Regime to find ways of being more efficient to reduce the deficit. NHS budgets are extremely difficult to estimate, because no one knows how many people will need medical help. In East Devon we have a very high number of people over the age of 65yrs – it is only Eastbourne and Worthing who have a higher number. The SUCCESS regime is led by Angela Pedder who was the Chief Executive of the RDE. The CCG Website has all the information.

Mamhead Slipway progress

From Camera 4 July 2016 012Mamhead Slipway with Hugo July 2016The development of a new Mamhead Slipway is progressing well. Additional piles were required. The crack that appeared in the sea wall will be repaired at the same time

Hugo Swire MP visited the site as part of discussions concerning Exmouth Beach Management Plan. (Picture L – R, Jill Elson, Hugo Swire, Phil Skinner [new Chairman of Exmouth Regeneration Board], Andrew Selles English Nature, Andrew Moulding EDDC Deputy Leader)

It should be completed by late September/October 2016


Queens Drive

Queens Drive

Exmouth Regeneration Board July 2016

  1. Cllr Phil Skinner the Cabinet Member for Economy has been elected as the Chairman of the Exmouth Regeneration Board. He was born in Exmouth and went to school here.
  2. Phil is currently Chairman of the Exmouth Coastal Communities Team.
  3. An Independent Survey is being carried out for the Exmouth Coastal Communities Team. This is to gather key information on the visitor economy. A 1000 people visiting Exmouth will be interviewed face to face from June to October plus a survey of leisure and tourism businesses together with economic modelling of the volume and value of Tourism to the Town. This is being carried out by the South West Research Company Limited.
  4. Exmouth members have asked EDDC to consider Harbour View Café to be in a separate development phase to the others.
  5. EDDC are hopeful that the realigned road and Car Park will be created out of season to be ready by the high season in 2017. Car Park will offer more spaces than the existing one.
  6. Whilst the legal proceedings were taking place as regards the fun park nothing could proceed.
  7. Grenadier who wish to provide the Watersports centre have appointed a new project officer and will begin talks with EDDC on their planning application. A meeting of all 29 Councillors representing Exmouth on all councils have seen various plans and made their comments. Grenadier wish to invest £4 million in this project. ( no money from EDDC or a grant) Grenadier are hopeful of having a plan for the public to comment on by December.
  8. DJ’s Café and other boarded up buildings will be demolished
  9. Fun Park with the paddleboats and the rear of these will still be leased to the tenant until end of 2017 season.
  10. Negotiations with the tenant of Harbour view will begin next week.
  11. The minutes of the meeting on Thursday will be on the agenda of EDDC Cabinet on 13 July 2016

Queens Drive

Exmouth Town Poll



‘Should Exmouth Town Council recommend to East Devon District Council that before any further planning applications are approved with regards to the Queen’s Drive development area, that additional independent consultation should be carried out in addition to that required by the applicant and the Local Planning Authority?’

Ballot paper will ask YES OR NO

Queens Drive, Exmouth

It is important for people to note that this development does not encroach onto the Maer as portrayed on some leaflets that are circulating.

Your Local Conservatives wish to encourage private enterprise, create jobs and lengthen the season. Conservative EDDC wishes to work in partnership with business so they can thrive and is listening to local people, who have made many constructive suggestions. This is about investing for future generations. Many local people have listened or read the study by Professor James on the ‘Socioeconomic profile of Exmouth’ that was the evidence base for the Exmouth Economic plan agreed by the Exmouth Coastal Community Team.  Available on the EDDC website


EDDC last week (8 February) issued details of draft proposals for a comprehensive redevelopment of this part of the seafront aimed at boosting Exmouth’s image as a year-round resort for people of all ages, maximising the potential of the town’s natural attractions of wind, water and wildfowl.

Grenadier Estates already has permission to proceed with a £3m Watersports Centre on an adjacent site, creating an estimated 45 new jobs. This includes an area that will be free to use.

The latest proposals include spending around £1m on a new larger car park and the re-alignment of Queen’s Drive at this point, diverting traffic further inland and away from the beach, to improve amenities for people on foot. This will also improve access to the Madeira Bowling Club and the Cricket Club.

Coastal Community Team

Work begins on Economic Plan for Exmouth

Economic professor tells community organisations and businesses: ‘If you stand still, you are actually falling behind.’

Organisations, businesses and key stakeholders with an interest in the Exmouth economy have attended workshops to discuss the core economic issues facing the town.

The workshops were hosted by the Exmouth Coastal Community Team and facilitated by Nigel Jump, an independent economic consultant and Professor in Regional Economic Development. Nigel introduced each workshop with a presentation about the importance of economic growth, to coastal communities. He emphasised: ‘If you stand still,   you are actually falling behind.’

The workshops encouraged participants to share their thoughts and experiences of the economic challenges, opportunities and aspirations for Exmouth.

Formed in 2015, the Coastal Community Team has received support and funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). The team’s first task is to submit an Economic Plan to the DCLG. This document has to capture relevant local economic information and will be a guide to the Coastal Community Team.

Councillor Philip Skinner, Chairman of Exmouth Coastal Community Team and East Devon District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Economy, said “Exmouth is a fantastic place for living and leisure and we need to plan for its economic future. Surrounded by areas of high growth, particularly the city of Exeter, it’s readily acknowledged that Exmouth will benefit hugely from a focused and achievable economic vision.

“Both workshops were well attended and provoked lively and positive discussions about how we can work together to achieve this.”

Coastal Community Towns

Exmouth has received Government funding to form a Coastal Community Team and to develop an Economic Plan. The overall aim of Coastal Community Teams is to encourage greater local partnership working in coastal areas and to support the development of local solutions to economic issues.

For further information, visit the Coastal Communities Alliance website at

This is the first stage of a process in developing an Economic Plan for Exmouth.  Representatives from a selection of community organisations and businesses were invited to 2 workshops to give their views. A representative sample of councillors, from the 29 District/County/Town councillors for Exmouth. There will be further opportunities in the future for others to be involved and contribute in the process.

The sessions were facilitated by Economic Consultant Nigel Jump. Nigel is Professor in Regional Economic Development at Bournemouth University and a private professional consultant on “all things economics”. He has particular expertise on the various economies of SW England, having spent over 8 years as Chief Economist to the SW Regional Development Agency (2003-2011) and having worked over the last 4 years (2012-16) with a number of public SW authorities (Local Enterprise Partnerships, Councils and agencies), and private companies and professional bodies. Nigel’s experience covers all aspects of economic development, including ‘state of the economy’ analysis, investment appraisal and impact evaluation. He has investigated most SW business sectors and workforces, including the visitor economy, rural/coastal communities and small towns.


St.Johns Court

St Johns CourtJill Elson attended the ‘Open Meeting’ organised by Dot Taylor at Glenorchy Church on 10 July 2015. Hugo Swire MP and 3 representatives from Devon Partnership Trust attended with over 100 people with an interest in St.Johns Court.

Many people had their say and the Devon Partnership Trust answered many questions. At the end of the meeting it was agreed by the Devon Partnership Trust to have a working group of people from clients, carers and other agencies/charities in Exmouth to work with the Devon Partnership Trust on various suggestions raised at the meeting. Jill wishes to see a centre of excellence for Mental Health in Exmouth to service the Town and surrounding Town and Villages.

Exmouth St.John’s Court

Many people have raised concerns as regards the service changes in mental Health that may involve the closure of St.John’s Court. Dot Taylor has been leading a campaign to save St.John’s court. Hugo Swire has agreed to hold an open meeting on Friday 10 July at 2pm in Glenorchy Church Hall. Anyone is welcome to make their views known. Hugo is coming to listen to the views of those who attend.

Jill Elson attended a meeting with the Devon Partnership Trust on Tuesday 30 June 2015 in Budleigh Salterton where the issue with St John’s Court was raised. The Devon Partnership Trust are reviewing all their service provision and the use of the many buildings they own. St.John’s Court is one of them. Further consultations will be taking place and the issue of closing St.John’s Court has been paused whilst all the issues are resolved. Jill expressed the view that all this was causing anxiety to the very clients who need mental health help and feel safe at St.John’s Court as do many carers or people whose loved ones may need assessment for dementia or alzheimers that are currently taking place at St John’s Court. Jill Elson wants to see a centre of excellence for Mental Health within Exmouth to service its residents and those of the surrounding area.

EDDC Relocation

The vote confirming the relocation plans was agreed by 38 votes to 16. Overturning the proposal by the East Devon Alliance to postpone the move. I do not understand why the East Devon Alliance Councillor for Exmouth decided to vote for postponement of greatly improved services to the people of Exmouth by having an East Devon District Council local office in Exmouth Town Hall.

The Town Hall will be upgraded by extensive modernisation works. Exmouth Conservative Councillors asked this to be brought forward from 2017 to as early as possible with the hope of securing the move in 2016.